Family loyalty in antigone a play by sophocles

Nay, allow the claim of the dead; stab not the fallen; what prowess is it to slay the slain anew? Does Creon even treat Antigone in a human way? In the life he wants there are useful objects, no people who talk back.

Eurydice, the queen, upon hearing of the deaths of both her son and niece, quietly climbs to her room and she, too, commits suicide. GUARD O king, against nothing should men pledge their word; for the after-thought belies the first intent.

King Oedipus, after discovering that he had murdered his father and married his own mother, gouged out his eyes, then died while in exile, accompanied only by his two daughters, Antigone and Ismene.

The chorus describes the defeat of polynices and his army in their assault on Thebes. And, since the hair on this head, once dark, hath been white, I know that he hath never been a false prophet to our city.

Throughout Antigone, Sophocles shows that his strong devotion to family overrides authority and the law. So fierce was the noise of battle raised behind him, a thing too hard for him to conquer, as he wrestled with his dragon foe. Pg 23 top Do you think she has learned the limitations of her own principles at the end of the play or is she castigating, chastising the chorus?

Family may take precedence over many things, including authority and the law. Co you suppose God feels obligated to him for coming to burn down his temples and his statues in defiance of his laws? She shows no signs of regret.

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Nay, forego thy wrath; permit thyself to change. Why is there even a question about whether Polynices should be buried? Ismene reveals this in an ironic note when she states: Antigone is his niece. Creon wants to prove to Antigone that he does care about her safety and her future so he will set her free so she can go on living her life with Haimon.

The city ship is water tight it provides a barrier against external dangers.

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These two incidents alone would be enough of a horror for Creon. He claims loyalty to the polis as a criterion of philia but he sees al lcitizes as potential enemies 1st speech, pg and throughout the play the way in which he rigidly demands obedience suggest that he fears insurrection.

He who does his duty in his own household will be found righteous in the State also. Without the stability of an in tact family under which to unite, each member is forced or freed to make choices that satisfies individual desires for eros, self-preservation, and power, thus leading to the further destruction of the family unit.

What they would expect to find in Creon is a tension between his 2 roles, at family member and king, and their 2 requirements.

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Both were acting according to the law they believed to be superior. Creon admits this pg Betrayal of Family Loyalty In the play Antigone, written by Greek playwright Sophocles, loyalty to family seems to be a recurring theme.

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We first see it when Antigone defies King Creon's order to keep her brother, Polynices, unburied as a punishment for his betrayal of their country Thebes. Jul 29,  · Family tragedy in Sophocles’ Antigone July 29, Posted by grhomeboy in Culture The shifting lines of loyalty and obligations in the play occur because the family unit, which has been weakened and destroyed by the earlier events, no longer provides the stability and bond in which the characters can direct those.


ANTIGONE BY SOPHOCLES: THE PROLOGUE. STUDY. PLAY. What is the biggest obstacle that the protagonist must face? Isemene's loyalty to the state Creon's decree Antigone's fear Zeus' anger.

Creon's decree. Read the excerpt below from the play Antigone by Sophocles and answer the question that follows. ANTIGONE: Eteocles. Greek Cultural Values in Antigone. No description by Grace Murphy on 22 February Tweet. Comments (0 "Antigone" by Sophocles is a play that reflects many of these values in its two most significant characters- a young woman, Antigone, and her uncle, King Creon.

Family: Loyalty to ones' family was another important value in. Jan 12,  · Antigone, quite to the contrary, believed that family loyalty takes precedence over everything, even the law of the land. She therefore had no choice but to bury her brother.

When it comes down to it, this is a story of family versus country. Dec 30,  · In the play Antigone, which is more important to Sophocles, family or authority,+why and site quotes,frm stry? The book antigone by sophocles? Mormons and marriage, authority from the bible or the book of mormon?Status: Resolved.

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Family loyalty in antigone a play by sophocles
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