Healthcare system in cuba

Its doctor-to-patient ratios stand comparison to any country in Western Europe. They are sometimes monitored by the local government in case of defecting. Students graduate capable of resolving health issues and knowing when to report to a person higher in the healthcare pyramid.

To illustrate this, Hirschfeld describes a case where a doctor said that if the ultrasound examination revealed "some fetal abnormalities", the woman "would have an abortion", to avoid an increase in the infant mortality rate.

Healthcare, however, is a top national priority" The report stated that life expectancy and infant mortality rates are nearly the same as the USA's. By far the biggest difference was the ratio of doctors per person. You can help fund powerful stories to light the way forward. So Cuba made a commitment to post doctors in several of these countries and to train local people in medicine so they could pick up where the Cuban doctors left off.

Most Cuban doctors interviewed were reticent about criticising the state, but expressed hope that salaries would rise as a result of economic benefits that come from the potential lifting of the United States-imposed blockade.

If someone doesn't like their neighborhood doctor, they can choose another one. If there is someone ill, they are immediately booked in for an appointment. They visited Cuba in Mayand during a conversation with Fidel Castro, Thompson brought up the lack of medical access for his poor, rural constituents.

Most Cuban doctors interviewed were reticent about criticising the state, but expressed hope that salaries would rise as a result of economic benefits that come from the potential lifting of the United States-imposed blockade.

Medical teams have worked in crisis such as the South Asian tsunami and the Kashmir earthquake. As in Cuba, these doctors and nurses live where they serve, and become part of the community. I counted barely a handful of drugs all locally produced for sale on the sparsely stocked shelves.

Clearly, a political decision has been made to not stock the Cuban pharmacies. Argentinean soccer star Maradona, for example, has traveled several times to Cuba to receive treatment to combat his drug addiction. As the BBC saysImagine your doctor knocking at your door to give, not just you, but your whole family an annual health check-up.

This creates a community-based teaching method rather than a typical hospital-based teaching method. Cuba was also the first country on earth to eliminate the transmission of HIV and syphilis from mother to childa feat recognized by the WHO in In addition, most of these facilities are filthy and patients have to bring their own towels, bed sheets, pillows, or they would have to lay down on dirty bare mattresses stained with blood and other body fluids.

And pride is a potent antidote to the dissatisfaction that can result from the economic hardships that continue 50 years into Cuba's revolution.

According to Margaret Chan, the world should follow the example of the island in this arena and replace the curative model, inefficient and more expensive, with a prevention-based system. In most countries, of course, doctors are not paid nearly as well.

She identified an abcess and recommended we visit the dental ward at Cienfuegos Hospital. That is, if you can find one.

Healthcare in Cuba

Former leading Cuban neurosurgeon and dissident Dr Hilda Molina asserts that the central revolutionary objective of free, quality medical care for all has been eroded by Cuba's need for foreign currency. As Jay Nordlinger wrote in The infant mortality rate in Cuba is lower than it is in the United States and is among the lowest in the world.

Hopefully with improved relations with the United States, it will mean more products and medicine getting to Cubans who need them. Lucia Newman, a former CNN correspondent in Habana, said Cuban doctors complain that travel restrictions prevent them from attending conferences or keeping abreast of the latest medical advances.

Today, about 90 young people from poor parts of the United States have joined the ranks of international students studying medicine in Cuba.Lessons to the world from Cuba’s Healthcare System: Back ina conference was held in Almaty (formerly Alma-Ata), the city in Kazakhstan where the one of the most significant public health declarations emerged.

One of the most significant excerpts of the Declaration was the profound role of primary health care in establishing the concept. While Cuba’s situation is far from ideal, it serves as an elegant counterpoint to the three-trillion-dollar U.S. health-care system—which is.

Aug 08,  · This post first appeared in Opera Mundi. According to the UN's World Health Organization, Cuba's health care system. Education in Cuba: Public, Free, and Well-Funded Ever since the Cuban revolution in the s, the country’s education system has fundamentally improved.

The truths and tales of Cuban healthcare

UNESCO rates Cuba as the best education system in Latin America, despite being one of the less developed countries in the region. By investing in health care that is holistic and focuses on prevention, Cuba has created one of the most effective systems in the world.

Cuban doctors are engaged in missions throughout poor parts of the world, exchanging medical. There is one aspect of Cuba’s health care system that seems to produce results: preventive care. As the BBC noted last year, the foundation of Cuba’s preventative health care model is for family doctors to oversee the health of those in their neighborhoods.

Healthcare system in cuba
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